Movie night at the Crescent Moon Theatre

Hey guys,

Yesterday a couple friends came over and helped me move some things from my storage into my apartment, which was no easy task considering I live on the second floor. It was a great workout that deserved some fun time later, so we decided to go to the movies later that night. Fantastic Four was playing at 7:30pm. That gave me enough time to make some dinner (wendys spicy chicken ceasar), go to the store (needed wood glue to fix a dresser), and take a shower.

We decided to meet at the theater’s, which is right in the middle of town, and only about 1 mile from where I live. Its a cute little place. I arrived there 15 minutes early so I was able to walk around and look at all the cool pictures and town history photos it had up on the walls. There were some autographed picture of performers that have performed there,  crescent moon knick-knack section, and the best part the concession stand. I ended up getting a water, small popcorn (extra butter) and some sour skittles, including my ticket that all came out to $12. Not that bad for a small town theater.

The movie started and my popcorn bucket was full, so I was happy and entertained. I love watching previews at the movies just because they seem more dramatic when your consumed in complete darkness. I know one preview that actually got me interested was Superman vs. Batman, which comes out in 2016.

The movie finally started, and at first I was interested The popcorn was there, there was some action, and the story line was pretty good. But after my popcorn ran out about 10 minutes later it seemed like the movie started to get dull. It just seemed to just float on by in movie limbo. I actually got bored at one point and contemplated leaving. However I stuck it out, I already payed for it might as well.

After the movie ended I was surprised to find out that my friends thought the same thing. I cant really complain, because it gave me something to do, but at the same time I was disappointed in the movie. Just seemed to be lacking something.

So if any of you have seen it or are going to see it let me know what you thought about it. I’m curious how many others thought the same.

Have a great day guys!!


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