School is just around the corner..

Hey everyone,

Some of you may know that I have a daughter, and majority of you wont. She has been away at her dads during the summer, so I have been completely by myself. Which is why I have been keeping busy so much going on hikes, doing some exploring in our town. I’m excited to say that is she is returning tomorrow night!

I have been so busy getting her room ready, school shopping, and still trying to go out and do things. . So it has been pretty hectic these last couple of weeks.She starts school on the 19, so I have her for about a week before school starts. Rest assured I will still be blogging and going places and showing you everything. I should warn you though, my daughter is a character. She is so silly and yet so serious at times, shes my best little buddy. So instead of pictures of mostly me, or my mom who you have met already, they might be of her mostly now.

I also have another guest joining me for the next week, someone I haven’t told you about, but you might be seeing him in some pictures as well. :)My boyfriend.

So this next week is going to be a very big week, so expect a lot of blogs.. For I will probably have a lot to tell!!

I hope everyone has a great Sunday, I’ll post pics of her and I tomorrow.


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