It is my duty as a citizen….

…To inform you of great food! And gosh darn it if you don’t know about this place already.. But first let me tell you a little bit about my day before “THE BURGER”

It was just another day in town. My day off, and so many possibilities ahead of me. It started with a morning hike, some shopping at the local thrift store ( a very trendy place to find hidden treasures!), then a phone call from a friend who said the five universal words for “lets hang out ”

Me: Hello.

Him: Hey, what are you doing?

I instantly became bored and said “nothing much, you wanna hang out?”
And so the adventure began. We watched a movie, I lost horribly while playing him on a video game, then the hunger struck.

Him: I’m hungry, but I want a burger.

I immediately perk up, “oh my goodness I have to take you to this one place I wen yesterday, they are delicious! (yes, I had literally went there the previous day for dinner and got a burger)

our restaurant, “The Cowboy Butte”

Next thing we were off headed to Fredonia,Az which is about ten miles away from Kanab. This specific restaurant I had never been to, never knew about, and no one told me about it. It was a gem the was hidden along the main street in town.

The Cowboy Butte Grill and Steakhouse Was light up with some nice twinkling lights that went just beautifully with the sunset. There were two areas for sitting, which was comfortable and cozy. Our waitress was very nice and you could tell she was just a sweet caring person by her smile. We were seated and asked for out drink orders, see I knew the burgers were great, I had one the day before, so my initial though was to try something different, but when she came back for our orders I caved. I ordered the exact same thing I had gotten the day before.

A bacon cheddar cheese burger with grilled onions and mushrooms.

My monstrous delicious burger

I know what your thinking, its big, its gorgeous, and yes, it WAS delicious!

They make the fries there fresh everyday, the bacon was actually crispy! imagine that, I usually always have to ask for it like that. The buns were toasted and had this beautiful crunch to it every time you took a bite. The patty had this perfect crust on it, was a bite of pure flavor every time. The grilled onions and mushrooms just added a whole new element that kept me coming back for more. You know how much I nit-pic on food if it isn’t hot, didn’t even cross my mind once here! The fries were done perfectly, and were among the first to be consumed. I think I said “omg this is soo good” after every bite. Even a table across from us started noticing and making comments about how good it looked. When they got their foo a short time after you should have seen how their faces lit up after taking the first couple bites, then we all started laughing about how delicious the food was!

This is one place I most certainly will be back to try! Even if its just for the burgers. (I promise I will try something else one of these next times I go)                                                   Instagram

A picture of the sunset while driving into town.
A picture of the sunset while driving into town.

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