Its the small things sometimes!

Hey guys,

Yesterday evening I was just driving through town, not really looking for anything in particular, just enjoying the scenery, when I found myself heading out towards Fredonia. That is another small town that is about 10 miles from Kanab, but it is technically another state. Anywho, I couldn’t help but stop a couple time on the side of the road to admire the sunset. Then it dawned on me, how many times have I just stopped to watch something as simple yet beautiful as a sunset or sunrise. How often do we miss the little things around our town that are truly amazing. So I decided to spend the next day finding the little things around my town that nobody tends to notice.

My first stop was the library. Back in California, people went to our local library not just because of the books, but because of our outdoor water fountain, big hills you could roll down, or simply to come to the coffee shop next door. So while driving to my new library I started thinking about all the other enjoyments I could get other than the books. Now here’s the funny part, I pulled into the library, parked my car, and  went into my trunk to grab my journal. I shut my trunk and went to lock my doors and right as I feel the door leaving my finger tips from the push I gave it everything turned into slow motion and my heart sank. I had an instant flash of the keys in the trunk. I had just locked and closed the door, when I heard the click of that door completely closed my fate had been sealed, it was time to call for reinforcements. Luckily my mom’s boyfriend is a local handyman in town so they came to help. NOW, while waiting I had the chance to walk around and really enjoy the outside of the library. There were a line of these beautiful soft flowing trees, with pinks fuzzy flowers all along the tops, they provided enough shade to lay down on the front grass and enjoy a great book. 20150623_145124IMG_20150623_081752IMG_20150623_061713IMG_20150623_061200

The next thing I noticed was the small little plants that were in a planter surrounding the flag. Ill be honest, previously when I had visited the library I never payed any attention to them, so they were an ignored beauty. This time I was more than willing to stop and actually look closely at everything. I was actually able to see a couple of worker bees going on about their day, not knowing how much joy they were giving me. By the time I had taken a couple pictures my mom and her boyfriend had arrived to save the day. He was very patient, for business like, and didnt mind the backseat wire hanger directions I kept giving him ‘no left, sorry the right, awe you missed it, just push it, no bend the thingy, right there, nope missed it.” I finally just took a seat next to my mom on the grass and let him figure it out. Twenty minutes after coming to save me they were both on their way, my keys in hand I was ready to enter the library, only to find out they had just closed, again my heart was crushed.

Right before leaving though I noticed that there was a rock holding a door open. Hmm, I wonder whats going on in there. So the curious minded individual that I am, I went in. Turns out there is a yoga group that meets there at 7 pm. I wasn’t ready to spur of the moment to become a member of their group, but I could see why they would choose this place to meet. Its quiet, large room, and air conditioned. Made me wonder about how many other cool groups meet there that I could be missing out on.

Wether you know it or not there are far more reasons to visit your local library, books are always the main reason, but why else? Why not for the nature, or the group meetings, or even make it your new hang out spot. They have computers and Wi-Fi so staying in touch with friends could be easy.


2 thoughts on “Its the small things sometimes!

  1. Alexandria… love your blog! It’s so funny that you visited the library this last week and yoga was going on because I just did a free yoga class at my local library in Provo last week! Anyway, you should go to the class. Yoga is great and I’d be interested to hear about it. Blog it, ya know? Namaste


    1. Valerie, Thank you! I appreciate you for reading. I know for the longest I have been saying that I wanted to start doing yoga, now I think is the perfect opportunity. Thanks for the encouragement, I’ll let you know how the first session goes.


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