Funny things happen at midnight

Yesterday after work I came home, had a bite to eat and decided to take a nap. Only a hour or two nap, but in reality it turned into a four to five hour nap. By the time I woke up it was already around 9:30 pm, almost my normal bed time. Oh great, now I wasn’t tired at all and almost everything in town was already closed, so there wasn’t much to do. So I turned to Pinterest. They always have great DIY ideas that can take up some time, so Pinterest surfing I went. While looking at some Dutch braid ideas I found a pin about natural ways to lighten your hair, I though eh, what the heck, better than a bunch of harmful chemicals. Off to my kitchen I went to rummage for supplies. The one I found was fairly simply and only required about four ingredients. IMG_20150616_095803

-1/2 C conditioner (and kind, I used Dove)

-1/2 C extra virgin olive oil (I used coconut oil because it gives my hair a great shine)

-3 to 4 Tbs cinnamon

-Juice from one lemon

I added all of these to a bowl and started mixing, to be honest it didn’t look that great, but it smelled amazing. Reminded me of Christmas time for some reason. Next, I went to my bathroom, layed down a towel in case it got a little messy, and started globing it into my hair. The instructions said to have your hair somewhat damp, but not dripping. For the globing I just used my bare hands since it was totally safe. The mix is required to stay in overnight, so I put  my hair in a bag, then into my turbie twist and slept on it. By that time it was already 12:20 am so I had only about 6 hours of it staying in since I had to be up by 6 am for work.

The whole process was fairly easy, the only thing I would advise about is that cinnamon produces heat, so be careful about it getting on your skin. It doesn’t burn intensely, but its an annoying heat that goes away within about 15 minutes. Washing it out the next wasn’t difficult at all, just bend your head over and rinse to you feel everything has come out. I would have shampooed twice, but for the sake of time I only did it once. I personally dont think there was a huge difference in my hair being lightened, but i will say my hair smells pretty good (mostly like cinnamon lol). So who knows i may try it again, but just with a different strategy.

This blog doesn’t have a lot to do with kanab, but I thought it would be fun to share anyway. Have a great day everyone!

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