What to do in a power outage?


So I’m pretty sure it is some type of storm season here in Kanab, UT , there have been over 3 just within the last month! Well, the one that occurred last night just so happened to have knocked out my power just as I was getting ready to make dinner. Doesn’t really work with an electric stove now does it? My only real options were :

1. Find some leftovers in the fridge and hope that they taste good cold.

2. Starve for the night.

3. Stick to a all fruit dinner.  or

4. Go out to eat.

I had no leftover pizza (which always taste good cold), I most certainly wasn’t going to starve, not in my nature, fruits would be good but I’m a meat eater, so the only real solution was go out to eat! I wanted to go somewhere I hadn’t tried yet, that place was Spur’s Grill. The theme of the restaurant is more of a western theme, with a lot of wood and cowboy decorations placed all over the place. I was told I had to sit in the bar area, which I understood since all of the booths were taken at that point. While walking to my seat I saw a stage, mic, and tablet layed out and i joked about it being karaoke night, but as it turns out the have a lady who does sing for entertainment. In the spirit of sitting at the bar I ordered a daiquiri which was $7.50, a little steep, so i was expecting it to be somewhat strong. It was flavorful at best, but not exactly strong. When choosing what I wanted to eat I decided upon The half chicken with corn and baked potato. My dinner came with a trip to the salad bar, so I went and checked it out. Nothing really caught my eye at first, except the fact that they would serve kim-chi at a western style restaurant, but I gave it a try. The broccoli salad didn’t remotely look like anything I would call broccoli salad, so I stuck with what i knew lettuce and ranch. Cant go wrong with that can I. The singer at this point had started singing her country songs, she was actually really good to my surprise so it made for some good entertainment as I waited for my food to come. Maybe 20 minutes after I arrived some tour buses pulled up and out poured all the hungry tourists, i now understood the need for kim-chi on the salad bar.

My dinner had made its arrival and the best part was I could still hear it sizzle as it approached me, and you all know how hot food is my thing! So that scored them a couple brownie points since they lost a couple at the salad bar. The corn tasted like regular sweet can corn so there was no surprise there, the potato was soft, but not as creamy as I had hoped, but it was topped with cheese,chives, and bacon, so I couldn’t complain, and the chicken, oh man, the chicken had this crispy  skin that was really good, could have used some seasoning in my opinion, but was still great otherwise. What the food lacked for in flavor the singer made up for in entertainment. I ended up staying for a couple hours singing along with her and by the end of the night I actually got up on stage and sang a song or two with her, of course after the whole place was empty though. Wouldn’t want to scare anyone away with my beautiful voice now would I?

My whole meal including two daiquiris, tip for both the singer and waiter came out to around $43, which was pretty pricey seeing as I was by myself, I could only imagine what a family of four would be paying for their meals. I will include a link to either their restaurant or for some reviews so you can see ore for yourself. I might return one day, but maybe not anytime soon as the cost alone is a bit too much for me. Spur’s Grill


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